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    Be sure to check the "mute" button above the volume toggle buttons on the side of your iPad. Make sure the orange dot is not showing. If it is, there will be no volume on imbedded videos. I had the same issue and discovered that this button had been inadvertantly switched!

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    I am experiencing this same problem and I have iOS 7.1.1. My sound just suddenly stopped working. I have tried the suggestions posted here to no avail --- holding the sleep and hold keys down simultaneously, restarting from the shut down button, it's not resolving my issue. I haven't dropped it or anything, and I have a really nice case for it. This is frustrating.

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    No, Farango, I don't think you're stupid - rude and hateful? hmm, that's a different question.


    I was having this problem with my sound after using my headphones. After checking the side volume switch, and looking in the settings and finding nothing wrong, I began to search for solutions on the internet. All I could find for solutions was that I should clean off my headphone connector OR that there's a tiny switch inside the headphone connector on the ipad that sometimes doesn't switch back when removing the headphones. Finally I found a post with the instructions that I noted below. I didn't know that yet another sound control was in there!
    And, according to a techie, many many people bring their ipads in because they don't know that's there!


    OHHH so sorry that it didn't help you but just maybe it helped someone else who had the same problem I did. I didn't see this particular solution listed, so maybe, just MAYBE, it will help someone else. 


    I DO hear that some of you feel the problem was caused by an upgrade to your iiPad. I've upgraded 3 times and the upgrades didn't cause it. Using the headphones caused it. If you feel so sure that the upgrade caused your problem, why are you still asking for a solution here?


    You came here and stated your case - Apple can hear you, I'm sure  - the rest of us "Stupid People" can only offer solutions that we've found to work. Your arrogant and nasty attacks don't help anyone - including yourself.

    Since this thread originated with toopybinoo I don't believe I've hijacked YOUR thread.


    I quote myself; 1) Slide up from the bottom edge of the ipad to reveal the sound slider in the control panel. Slide it to full on. I wonder how many people have taken their ipad to the apple store because of this?!!


    I quote Farango's response to me:

    @Meenie50: I usually don't react to stupid posts like yours... But do you really think we are all that stupid?


    There were bugs in the software and unfortunately Apple does not or did not fix them. Hopefully with iOS7 they did... If they would publish their bugs and refer to bug fixes than we (the users) could track them and see if they did fix bugs/issues... Unfortunately Apple does not do this... I guess they think they have products without bugs...

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