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Dear All,

i need help in "converting" Last name to be First and vice-versa First Name to be Last Name.


Anyway to do it? Tips, tricks, shortcuts appreciated as it will save me alot of time doing it manually.

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  • gail from maine Level 7 Level 7

    Hi tteh,


    Open Address Book, then from the top menu select Address Book>Preferences>Sort By





  • dalgleishj72 Level 1 Level 1
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    did gail from Maine solve your problem or are you still struggling to convert your Lname entry into the FName entry and vice versa. My brother is a new mac user and the Apple store converted his data and all the first names are in the last name field and vice versa.


    I have tried to see if I could export the data convert it and return it to him but the export formats don't provide this abaility.


    If anyone knows how to asccomplish this Id be grateful for any help