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I would like to have ALL saturdays and sundays marked or highlighted in the iCal display. How can I configure that?

(I am thinking about a light gray color, similar to the default display of for example the old PalmDesktop calendar display. This should affect the main window, but also the month-overview on the lower left corner.)

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion, MBP 2,66 GHz Intel Core Duo with 10.6
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    You can't with Snow Leopard. I don't think you can do it in Mountain Lion, either.

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    I'm not sure about Snow Leopard any more, but in iCal on Mountain Lion on my computer Saturday and Sunday are very subtly greyed in Month view. So subtle that I find it hard to see but they are definitely differen. The effect is increased if I look at the screen at 45 degree angle.


    Not in mini month calendar though.


    Best wishes

    John M

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    Hi John and Austin,


    I think both of you are correct (when looking at iCal "Version 6.0 (1639)" with 10.8.1/ML).



    The "very subtle grey in Month view" is visible on my iMac as well, but ONLY in Month view.

    This (almost invisible) highlighting is not shown in Week view. In my initial question, I was addressing Week view (without mentioning).


    This is inconsistent - one may hope that Apple will fix this (and also the "invisibility").


    Maybe, some extension programmer has already generated a tool to modify these settings of iCal?

    (And at the same time removes the terrible "leather look" of iCal? Yes, I know there are descriptions how to change the resources. But I would prefer a tool that allows to modify the "skin" of iCal and Contacts via a GUI.)


    Bests, BW


    Added: check here: http://tweaksapp.com/app/mountain-tweaks/

    The tools allows to remove the "leather skin", but does nothing to highlight sundays or weekends in iCal's Week view.


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