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Hello everyone,


I just finished a fresh install of ML Server. Currently, I have 6 local network users (I see all of them under Accounts > Users in Server.app) but I can only see 3 of them under the Users section of the Profile Manager.


Does anyone know how if there is a way to "refresh" the user databse in Profile Manager ? I tried to follow the instructions on that page :




without success.


Thank you very much for help !

OS X Server, Mountain Lion Server
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    I found a workaround to this problem.


    I noticed that the users actually shown in Profile Manager where those who had *explicitly* the right to access the Profile Manager. Those who did not show where those how had the right to access the Profile Manager by inheritance (i.e., because they belong to a group configured to grant access to the Profile Manager).


    So the workaround is simple (but certainly unacceptable when the number of users is large) : remove the rights from the group and explicitly add those rights to each user.