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I've been looking through these forums and cannot seem to find something that is exactly what I am experiencing.


We have about 25 iPhones / iPads within the company.

iPhones 4S are Active Sync'ed with an Exchange 2010 server for mail, contact and calendar.

iPad 3 are connecting to the network through Citrix using the receiver, often times using the iPhone hotspot for tethering.


Mail syncs fine on the iPhone.


As soon as we update a contact, on the Exchange (Outlook 2003) side, going into the Shared Cotacts, they all show date modified today, showing the current time... I'm talking not just the one that was updated, everything!!


Calendar items seem to be syncing fine.


Our sales managers use the date modified field in the contacts to track down new information on customers that our Outside Reps put in. If all the contacts show the same date and time modified, they don't know which one was updated. Has anyone ever experienced this?



iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1