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  • supraru Level 1 Level 1

    ECSinPA can you link us to the google discussion you reference so we can join over there as well? Maybe there is some "power in numbers" effect we can get to help.

  • ECSinPA Level 1 Level 1

    Good idea!  Here's the link to the Google discussion (which hasn't had any replies yet):!msg/calendar/94UVLtu6T4Y/jMt1sETsyCUJ

  • Jhon898 Level 1 Level 1

    We have been runing all new software since it came out and just this past week we started having the same problem. It is so very frustrating especially since I use this for my business every single day!

  • supraru Level 1 Level 1

    What's even more frustrating, I literally just had all of my delagates UNchecked, and still had the error present itself on delegate calanders that should not be shown at the time anyway. Guess they still must sync but not display.  Hard to no be upset with the increased freuency of this problem.

  • supraru Level 1 Level 1

    exactly, I have all of my work calendars from our corporate GMail account just blow up constantly over the last 4 months, difficult to trust my calendar.  I don't know what is worse, using the near-fantastic iCal software with errors every hour, or the abysmal Gmail calendar web interface with no errors.  If this were just my personal calendar I could deal with it.

  • supraru Level 1 Level 1

    Kjell-o, can you tell me how you got in contact with google on that issue and if there is someway to subscribe to updates?  At least this is confirmation that someone knows about the issue some of us are experiencing. 


    I should also add that this problem does NOT exist with my personal Gmail account which is sync'd to iCloud as well.  Doubt it matters, but I have one gmail personal account and one gmail business account sync'd with iCal (iCloud).  Granted, I don't use my personal gmail calendar because I just use my personal iCloud calendar instead, but it is activated and has a couple of items on it. 

  • Carlos Alves Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, I have the same issue. I have 5 google calendars sync, but doesn't work properly, some times sync correctly some times duplicate the information and some times send me error.


    Anybody know how can I solve that problem?



  • TC57 Level 1 Level 1

    Sorry, I don't have a solution either, but I'm running into the exact same problem.


    There are things about the Apple Suite that really frustrate me.  I wish iCal was more compatible, but given that I've been using Google's free services for almost 9 years, it's really hard to just transition everything over.


    Until then, I wonder if Outlook will resolve this problem.

  • Evan Robinson Level 1 Level 1

    I just wanted to add my name to the list of users experiencing this issue. I've had this for at least a couple months now but have been too lazy to do any searching up until this point, just figured it was some firewall issue. I also occasionally have my calendar entries listed twice until I quit and re-open iCal. Not sure if the two issues are related. I have 4 delegates for google calendar.

  • TC57 Level 1 Level 1

    Do you think it would help if I went and asked the Genius Bar sometime?  I did just buy my laptop a week ago and I'm thinking I'll buy AppleCare next month.

  • supraru Level 1 Level 1

    It can't hurt, but I've actually called Apple on this issue and had it escalated to a "senior tech" who basically told me I am SOL because it's google's problem.  It's not that I don't believe them but it seem like it was the first and only answer they gave, with literally zero troubleshooting to support that claim.  I am not knowledgeable enough to troubleshoot this extremely weird situation on my own (besides the things all of us have already mentioned regarding adding and deleting calendars/accounts etc) to see if I can figure out WHO's problem it really is , but I did *start* to experience this after I installed Mountain Lion in July. I don't think that is conclusive however, because many people have been running ML and only just came across the problem recently.  So Apple could easily be correct in saying it's googles problem. 


    But it's just frustrating because it seemed all too easy to just blame it on the google...

  • Munas Level 4 Level 4

    I think it would be really good if someone, preferably having business account at Google since it allows to expect better support, call Google customer support and ask about the problem that affects many (if not all) ML Calendar users having Google accounts.

    Are they aware of the problem? Will they point back to Apple? Is there any solution that lasts longer than an hour?

  • tvcooper Level 1 Level 1

    No answers either, but I've tried pretty much everything you all have tried and just wanted to add my name to the mix. We are using google apps & ical and at least 5 users are having the same issues. I also can't help but notice over 2300 views to this post.

  • supraru Level 1 Level 1

    I spent about 45 minutes one work day trying to come up with a good phone number for google tech support.  Once I actually found it and worked my way through the automated system, my call basically ended by a prompt directing me to google online tech support forums. 


    If anyone has a good number for google to call I am more than willing to take the time to discuss it with them, I have been unsuccessful in my attempt. Maybe I need to leverage the business account like you suggested Munas, but I still don't know how to contact them and get a real person on the phone for tech support. Perhaps I just didn't research enough.

  • markus1105 Level 1 Level 1



    I am having the same issue for some time now, and I think it also started about the time I upgraded to Mountain Lion, but I am not sure. I also have a number of delegate calendars.


    Because I was so annoyed, I downloaded a trail of BusyCal today in the morning and the issue didn't appear at least for a whole day of work. BusyCal is $30, but if the issue doesn't show up in BusyCal within the 30-day trial (and if Google or Apple don't fix it in the meantime) I think I will go for it.

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