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    One potential solution for everyone is to Export ALL of the calendar files in Google Calendar into a ICS file and import them into iCloud.  Then switch completely over to the iCloud for using the calendar.


    I'm guessing this is what Apple wants us to do, but in a painful process and an inconvenience in using existing Google services.


    Otherwise, I'm starting to think it could be a Google problem.  Has anyone tried importing calendars outside of Google?

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    I'm a google apps enterprise customer. I sent an email via the management interface and the support tab. They require a pin number for validation. In that console there are also phone numbers.


    I'm guessing that the support is probably only for apps for business or enterprise customers. But you should look for it there.

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    It is most definitely a google problem. That being said, iCloud is not an enterprise service. It's a convenience service for home users. Each user has to have an iCloud account and that means managing yet another user ID. Or you let the user use their personal iCloud accounts, but that gets even messier. What's worse is that with iCloud calendars, there is no granular control of permissions on the calendars. It's a free for all. And you can shut notifications up on shared iCloud calendars.


    It's a possible solution for those that experience this as a deal breaker. I actually just migrated our business from 6 iCloud shared calendars to Google Apps. Most of the users are just dealing with it.

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    I just got off the phone with Google apps. Very curteous. Official word is that the calendar team is still investigating the issue. The rep asked me to email my calendar ID's to the original representative who contacted me via email support.


    We'll see if that results in any help.

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    For anyone who's interested:

 !msg/calendar/94UVLtu6T4Y/VS HXkOufNesJ


    Last post by a google employee saying they are having the same problem. Hopeful?

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    This is the most encouraging thing so far.  Thank you for the help.

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    Adding my name to the list of people who can't solve this issue.  Hoping that Apple/Google gets this sorted out soon as iCal + Google Cal is becoming unusable...

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    I just did a clean install of Mountain Lion (before that I had upgraded from Lion), and now the problem seems to have disappeard. I need to monitor it for a while, though, until I can say if it is a permanent solution. And even if it is, it wouldn't be a very satisfying one.

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    I am also having the same issues. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling etc. but no fix lasts more than a couple of days.


    Two comments which keep appearing and are really starting to annoy me. Firstly, switching to iCloud is *not* a viable solution for most people. The service is not cross platform, so until that gets fixed it is little more than a gimmick.


    Secondly, it is not Google's problem it is Apple's. Google is not the one popping up error messages on my screen every hour or so and there is nothing that Google can do to stop iCal from behaving in this obnoxious manner. It is Apple's software, so Apple is the party which has to fix it. Yes, there may well be issues with Google's servers or a change in policy but I really don't care what has happened at Google's end. All I care about is the fact that iCal is popping up annoying error boxes all over the place. I thought that Apple were the company that's meant to care about the user experience? Well right now, my OSX experience is really, really irritating.

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    I'm having the same problem here (MBP with Mountain Lion).

    Just had a clean re-installation, problem still here. So, tired of weeks full of problems, i decided to go with Busycal (ok not free, € 30), now I'm happy, it works like a charm and have lots of features more then iCal.

    I can confirm, it's a Apple problem (not Google), everyting it's fine with the new app.

    Bye bye iCal, bye bye problems.

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    Today I had no 404 errors as well only once, in the morning, I spotted the duplicates....

    Is this nightmare stopped?

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    I too am a Google Apps customer and am having that issue with a client. He is on Mac OSX 10.8.2. His google account in the calendar pane of iCal now lists all of his delegates twice. Once under the delegates section (which is where they always appeared, correctly) but they now also appear listed directly under his main google account section which previously only had his one main calendar account. This just started over the last few weeks. There were no changes made to his system whatsoever, so we can only assume it is a Google issue. Any ideas or suggestions?

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    I am also starting to see this problem. I have MBP Retina, with Mountain Lion 10.8.2. So annoyed. I have been running iCal + BusySync + Google Calendars since 2007-2008, and never had a problem with my calendars nore the onces I am linking to through Google calendars until this month. Well, that does not include the mess that occurred when I "connected" to the iCloud. Still having trouble cleaning that up -- duplicate calendars and contacts, and I sometimes cannot figure out which calendar is stored where.


    I feel like I am using the iPhone Map app.

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    After one day brake Google calendars on Apple's Calendar application started to pop-ups with 404 error all over again.

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    I just wanted to add my name to the list of users experiencing this issue.

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