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http://www.readwriteweb.com/hack/2012/09/java-is-no-longer-needed-pull-the-plug- in.php Just saw this on twitter - watch for java viruses - remove the add ins is suggested from this tweet:  ReadWriteWeb @RWW

Disable Java plug-ins in all browsers. Java’s glory days are over and it’s time to pull the plug.


Is this a true statement or is there more to the story and if it is true does anyone know how to remove or disable the plugins for MACs?

Also have Adobe flash: 

Shockwave Flash

Shockwave Flash 11.4 r402 — from file “Flash Player.plugin”.

on my addins - should this be removed as well?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
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    I would agree with that article. However, as a Mac users, you really don't have much to do. If you stick to Apple's software, you are automatically protected. Apple's Java will automatically turn itself off if you don't need it. If you never need it, it won't even be installed to begin with. The only people who are at risk from the latest Java malware exploits are those people who didn't trust Apple and installed a more recent Java directly from Oracle.

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    For most users, Java is not needed (not to be confused with JavaScript, which is a totally different language and the foundation for the current experience on many web sites).  Anyway disabling Java in all your browsers and allowing Mac OS X to disable Java in general will not affect most Mac users.


    It is possible there is an odd web site out there that wants to use Java, but unless you have run across one of these (and they will tell you if they cannot run because Java is disabled), you can ignore Java in your web browser.


    There are a few applications that are written in Java (nothing from Apple, but a few 3rd party products).  These Java dependent apps will tell you if you need Java and it is not currently available.  For the most part these Java based apps are not at risk, as malware vectors tend to arrive via your web browser, and you are disabling java in the browser

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    Many many thanks, Bob,  for understandable language info for non-geeks. I've been looking for ages for someone to explicitly say the threat does NOT concern java script.


    Could you specify two other things :


    -will open office, neoffice, libroffice run on macs without Java ?? I've seen them listed as some of the most used programs which still run on java platform;


    - is there a java threat on mobile devices (iPhone/iPad)  or not at all ?


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