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  • stylinexpat Level 1 Level 1

    Here is proof that Facebook purposely controls desktop versions or makes it that they have trouble so that you download their application so that they can monitor and steal your personal info. I had said this before.


  • robdrage Level 4 Level 4

    No, the article says nothing in that regard,

    It states that Facebook no longer wishes to spend development time and money on an item that they do not want to.

    It states nothing about stealing info and if you pay attention to their policies they only use your info in a very specified manner that you agree to.

    If you don't agree to their policies then don't use their software, it's that simple.

  • stylinexpat Level 1 Level 1

    I disagree.. When Facebook first came out it worked perfectly on all desktop versions and then as apps got more popular they found that it was a lot more easier to make or get people to accept their permissions to access various info on their smartphone or pad where this was not possible on most browsers on desktops,laptops and Apple's iPad for security reasons. They there for made Facebook run better on their applications so that people would download their application this way they had more access to personal info. Just look at their permission requirements over the last 2 years on Google Play. The permissions that they require would not be acceptable on almost any website browser.

  • robdrage Level 4 Level 4


    If you understood software development you would know that developing inside an application is easier to control as you have no third party elements that you must react and code to.

    Whereas development for a web browser based application has a multitude of standards and restrictions from the os to the browser and all supporting standards.


    Their policies around data collection and usage are exactly the same for the app or browser.

    And to be honest with Apples sand boxing it is more difficult for a company to attempt to collect personal data on the iOS devices than on any computer browser configuration even if they wanted too,

    They collect what you allow no more no less.(Facebook)

  • stylinexpat Level 1 Level 1

    That is because in most cases they have more access to collect a lot more info from your device via their own application then they via a second or third party web browser when using or accessing Facebook.

  • robdrage Level 4 Level 4

    No, on IOS they have less access to data elsewhere on the device and only have access to what you have specifically granted.

    My suggestion, is to not worry so much about what an app you have requested to use is doing and worry about the apps you have not given permission to, which thanks to Apples strict policies on iOS do not exist on non-jail broken iOS devices.

    Have a nice night.


  • jakksue Level 1 Level 1

    The most sensible answer so far. 

  • Pro_Vagabond Level 1 Level 1 


    THat works great on my 1st gen Ipad.

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