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Hello.My name is Mario and i have a problem with my Macbook 13 version 10.6.8.


Somehow i disabled my built-in iSight camera and i think i did it from the Drivers DVD but i can't remember and i'm sure that i didn't do it neither with the TechSlave.org script nor with that QuickTimeUSB something file!

It is not recognized in my system profiler usb part and i don't know what to do!I have tried with the SMC reset and nothing happened!

Also the past three months i receive this allert message that says one of my usb devices was drawing too much power so macbook by it's self disabled them as well.

Please help me if you can, my budget's a little low to find a doctor for my mac!

thank you in advance!

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Did you also check more than one user account to eliminate possible user-specific problems?  Do NOT use the "Guest" account for this test.  If you do not have more than one user account for the testing, create a new one now.  If you need help, here's how to do it in your Mac OS:




    •  Then, if you have not already done so, restart Mac and

        try again.  If the iSight still does not work, continue.


    • If Apple's http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2090

       suggestions do not help you, (are you certain that you

       used the correct "reset" procedure?), yours is most likely a

       hardware problem that will require a professional fix.

       Unless you have a current backup, make one now.

      Then use the final "Troubleshooting" suggestion:


    "... contact Apple or an Apple-Authorized Service Provider for service."


    • If you want to try one more thing on your own first,

      use Disk Utility to repair permissions.  Then

      download and apply the latest Combo Update for

      your OS.  Currently, the latest SL Combo is here:



    • Repair permissions again immediately following the system restart

       that completes the Combo update.


    Properly applying the Combo version of updates can sometimes correct software problems, but, if your trouble is caused by a hardware problem, there are no user serviceable parts of iSight. Have your Mac professionally serviced.


    The only other user action I could sugget is to completely reinstall your Mac OS.  If none of these suggestions resolve your trouble, I think you will need an Apple-Authorized Service Provider to fix your cam.




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