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    I just don't understand how for WEEKS or Months something works, and then suddenly one day, or one morning, or during the middle of organizing some files, SUDDENLY one loses the settings that have been in place since the OS was installed.


    I bought a Mac because I got sick of going into the low levels of Windows assorted OS's and having to fix things.


    I find myself spending more time fixing preference files or logs or lists or whatever in the Library for hours at a time; in the meanwhile, I have friends with Macs who NEVER have these problems.


    What the **** am I doing with my my MacBook that they are not; all I want to do is watch the shows I pull down into my Download folders put into folders by the name of each show..... I changed NO settings, at all.  Suddenly I now had to look this up and I still can't fix it.


    How the **** can Apple get away with having an OS (or any company with any OS) that can't show a list in alphabetical order without major effort on the part of the user to make that setting STAY THAT WAY.


    I'm trying each option listed here, but the .plist just keeps going back what ever the **** it wants; and every time I try to streamline the names of my flies (changing file names) the sorting goes even more out of control. I don't have "sort by date modified" or any of that on.


    I want to shoot myself in the head. None of these suggested fixes are working for me. 

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