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This is terrible. I love apple and have a Mac Pro, an Macbook air, one iphone, an ipad and also an Apple TV box !

But for some month many unacceptable thinks are happening. I will not speak here about the poor FCP and so many function limitations (contextual menu for example, using trackpad also, need of wonderfull powerfull machine when FCP 7 worked wery well on slower), why Numbers and Page need 400 Mo on iDevices as iMovies or iPhoto (how do the other developpers to result of a 10-20 Mo apps ?).


The application PODCAST is incredible. The podcast are not well sync from itunes where many podcast are subsribed. The data are weel trasnfered to the ios app but that is the only think that works.

The sync state are different on my mac, on my iphone and also on my ipad ! I have to set "read" manualy on others devices.

Many already readen podcast becomes again "unread". And many that were unread for many days becomes... read...

This is totaly no sense functionality.

Why dit they reduce the size of the playback locator? It is now difficult to move it. Why is it so complicated to set "read" or "unread" (as i explained we have to do it on different machines, even if my icloud is working and configured on all).

why is the state not transfered to the music app on the idevice ? And of course why isn't it tranfered to the mail itunes app on the mac ?

Mac Pro, iOS 4.3.2