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How to reset security questions?

iPhone 4
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    we can only reset them  by CALLING the apple support team.. don't worry, they are very polite and friendly.. =))


    all u need to do is verify their questions..


    (1) make sure you don't signed out of your apple ID;

    (2) prepare you apple device’s serial number;

    and also,

    (3) be sure you are connected to the internet, so that u can help the speed up the "verifying" process..


    it only took less than 20minutes to have my security questions reset without losing the balance in my apple ID ^__^


    hope this helps.. merry christmas y'all ~.~

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    I had this same problem until today. I went through express lane and gave them my problem  which was that i could not remember my security questions and needed to reset them. I then gave them my phone number and within seconds I was connected to them via phone and I then was directed to an advisor and her name was Ashley. We went step by step and together we reset my questions. I was very pleased with the service. Try this it helps.