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Basically, about one month ago, I moved all my music which was in a folder on my C Drive, to my D Drive which has more space. Presumeably, my Itunes Library was synced with data based on the C Drive, and now when I try to move music across in Itunes there is a "halt" sign and I can't move any music from Itunes to my phone. I also can't remove any tracks from my phone via Itunes.


Now the "manually manage music and videos" setting isn't checked in Itunes, but when I check it and apply, it says - "The Iphone John's Iphone is synced with another Itunes Library. Do you want to erase this Iphone and sync with this Itunes Library?"


Now I want to know if I go ahead with this, what does it erase from my Iphone, everything, all music and all Apps too!?


And how can I get round this, by transferring music over to my Iphone successfully again?


Please would someone help?



iPhone 4, Windows 7