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Basically, about one month ago, I moved all my music which was in a folder on my C Drive, to my D Drive which has more space. Presumeably, my Itunes Library was synced with data based on the C Drive, and now when I try to move music across in Itunes there is a "halt" sign and I can't move any music from Itunes to my phone. I also can't remove any tracks from my phone via Itunes.


Now the "manually manage music and videos" setting isn't checked in Itunes, but when I check it and apply, it says - "The Iphone John's Iphone is synced with another Itunes Library. Do you want to erase this Iphone and sync with this Itunes Library?"


Now I want to know if I go ahead with this, what does it erase from my Iphone, everything, all music and all Apps too!?


And how can I get round this, by transferring music over to my Iphone successfully again?


Please would someone help?



iPhone 4, Windows 7
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    Did you follow this guidance




    If not start there

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    Thanks for that.


    Well i've followed all the guidance given but I can't really see how anything has changed.


    The option "manually manage music and videos" is still unchecked and if I check it and press apply the same message comes up.


    I'm confused when I get to part 5 though of the Windows 7 tutorial. Changing the folder location.


    I just navigate to the location of where Itunes is on my new drive, correct yes? So that'd be D:\iTunes


    And for 6. Click the Make New Folder button in the Change Media Folder Location window.

    I can't see a "make new folder" button??

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    under itunes>edit>preferences>advanced>itunes media folder location


    Is that showing the correct location for your itunes library  on "d:"


    If not it should ....amend it via change button



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    Well, I've solved the problem now, just about!!!


    What I did was followed most of the guidlines in the link you gave me and set the folder location for Itunes library to the D Drive where it was present. I then re-synced my music (which deleted everything and added everything back to my Iphone) and now it is letting me check the point "manually manage music and videos" without giving me the message so I have lost my playlists doing this and had a very frustrating time trying to sort this out but everything as far as I can see is now in place and I've kept my apps etc....


    Thanks very much for the link Peter, it did help!