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I have started to make folders in the location where my photos are and moving them there. But then there is the tiny issue with iPhoto. I can't create new folders without it messing up my events. My events are what I turn into folders. I do not have my photos copied because it's like double the size being taken up.


Is there a way to take my events and make folders in iPhoto or some way so I don't spend every day going thru trying to find loose pics that belong in a certain folder that is new to the event. I'm in the midst of moving pics and using a program to find duplicates since it says I have 125,000 + photos, and I know I don't.



Then it's on to iTunes after this one




Does that make sense??


Please Help,




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    Frankly I have no idea what you are doing or what is going on


    A couple of notes


    1. It is strongly NOT recommended to uncheck the preference to copy photos to the iPhoto library. It does not save space at all and has no advantages and many, many disadvantages


    2.  It is not clear what you are doing but remember that you only organize using iPhoto. You never make changes using the finder


    3. Folders in iPhoto do not hold photos. They only hold other folders or albums.


    4. For duplicates duplicate annilhator is a good solution. But again this is all done in iPhoto. Nothing is done in the finder 



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    So I should just build events and use keywords and faces instead. I keep both iPhoto and iTunes libraries on an external because of size.

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    Having the iPhoto library on an external drive is fine and no problem. The problem comes is you uncheck toe preference to copy imported items to the iPhoto library which you appeared to say in your first post


    " I do not have my photos copied because it's like double the size being taken up "


    That is not a good idea


    As to organizing. Use albums and folders. Not events



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    Deleted my whole library and when I import I might start with events and then move ahead to other stuff. Create the events as I import