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I try to play my rented movie but I get a message sayin the movie requires Quick Time (which I have) which is not supported by this version of itunes.  What Am I doing wrong?

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    Try relaunching iTunes in 32-bit mode first, as per the instructions in the following document:


    iTunes for Mac: Older media files may require iTunes to reopen in 32-bit mode

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    Thank you, I think we are close  but this hasn't worked since the instructions per the document call for a selection of File>get into, which does not come up as a "bold" choice and is therefore not accessible, at least on my computer.  It sounds like we are on the right track but I am not able to follow the instructions since the choices, as outlined in the article, are not chosable on my menu.  Not sure what the problem is?

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    I figured out how to open in 32 bit, but by the time i did the timeframe for viewing the rented movie was up and I lost it.  Still can't figure out why a current movie (not an old file) would need this given that my itunes is up to date and I have latest Quick Time.  Oh, well, thanks anyway.  At least I didn't have to pay $49 and only lost the rental cost.