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Well the internet is on fire about this problem. I guess it's like my Coyota Torrola. It doesn't get anywhere near the fuel economy clained by the manufacturer but it Never breaks down. Not bad. (I'm just glad I bought one of the last Macbooks. You can't find a refurbished Macbook at the Apple Store anymore. People have bumped wise to the amount of Upgrades possible with them. Now I am just wondering when they are going to start to appreciate). But really I sure would like to know if there is anything coming out of Apple about any progress being made to fix the peivacy problem. I do love my Maxbook. I don't know why either. Funny comparison is the girl I met at the age of 16 who I was Absolutely positive would love me back until Forever. De ja vue? Hmmm. Oh. And has anyone else noticed the 'Popup' blocker has gone AWAL? I'm gonna miss my Apples.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.4)