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I'm trying to figure out how cocoa target-action design pattern function. So, all examples I've found set action to a selector with a single parameter, which, I suppose, is the sender of the action message and is initialized in button's event handler



[myButtonCell setAction:@selector(reapTheWind:)];

[myButtonCell setTarget:anObject];


But what if a want a selector with more then one parameter like:


[myButtonCell setAction:@selector(reapTheWind:howManyTimes:)];

[myButtonCell setTarget:anObject];


In this case, how and where to set the value of the howManyTimes parameter?


And most importantly, how to check, by means of respondsToSelector, if I'm invoking the right method?


I guess I have to extend the NSButtonCell and override its click event handler?

iOS 5