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My Imac won't shut down via the soft buttons.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
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    Please be more descriptive, you may have a process running that is taking all of your system resources. The first thing to do is use Activity Monitor,  you can learn a little about using AM by clicking Activity Monitor to read System Memory and determine how much RAM is being used

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    ok, according to AM, I have 6gb of free memory. But every time I tried to shut down using the pull down clicks, it continue to spin around until I have to hard press on the back in order to close downt he system. I checked if there were any programs still running via the "forced quit" option. But even if I've closed everything but the "founder", it still wont' allow me to shut down on soft button.

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    Re-open AM and click the CPU tab toward the bottom and look to see if you have any processes that are running large percentages of CPU. If so then quit that process using AM and try doing a restart. I suspect you have a piece of corrupt software on your computer.


    Another thing to try after looking at AM is restart the computer in Safe Mode, this will clear some caches. It is possible one or more is corrupt. If that doesn't work please post back there are other troubleshooting steps to take.

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    Look for any relevant messages around the times of these attempted shutdowns in Console (in Utilities) in system.log.

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    I have taken my iMac 21 inch in for repairs THREE TIMES already about this. I am running ML --  Each time they tell me it's all fixed. It WILL shut down after I reset it. (Command  option  P  R  while it is starting) and it will shut down with pull-down menu exactly one time. Then, I use it for only 60 minutes and try to shut it down correctly and it does not.


    They kept (or I forgot)  my box the last time and they swear they even looked at video tapes to show that they never had it ?!? I wonder how I schlepped my computer in there!?


    They have kept my machine and I have lost nearly 3 weeks of business because I don't have my computer. They want me to bring it in AGAIN?!?!


    Now, I am thinking I want a new machine since this is still under warranty 8(


    Were you able to get anyone to please respond to this?  Did you get it fixed?

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    You did not say who you took your machine into repair to, if you took it to an Apple Store then request escalation and also request to speak to the store manager. If your machine is covered by AppleCare (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) then again request escalation and paitiently and methodically (only facts, receipts, dates, etc..) plead your case.  You can demand a new machine however unless it's covered by AppleCare don't expect one. You may have done something to your machine (hardware or software) that is not warranty related however without any useful facts your post will probably be discounted as a rant.

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    Thanks for the reply...

    1. I took it to the Apple store -- two different ones, actually because the first 2 times they didn't fix it. after ther third (and "escalation" from phone support) after the third visit, I spoke with the store manager. I asked for all the repair notes. She sent ONLY my concern notes from intake. She said she was not allowed to give me the tech repair notes on my machine. She said I need to take it in again.  She's offered me a "condolence offering" of $150 off a new laptop (totally unrelated).  My machine is still covered under AppleCare.

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    From what I've seen, Apple's general rule of thumb is that three failed repairs gets you a replacement. Call Apple Customer Support and escalate politely if necessary.

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    Please read my last post regarding AppleCare, the instructions you need are there however initiate a telephone call to AppleCare. You need to be paitient, methodical and persistent.

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    Thank you for your comments. I have been persistent and, as I have said, I did call AppleCare, and I did try to escalate it. They, (AppleCare) took control of my machine while i was on the phone with them. That was between attempts two and three of taking the large desktop machine to an apple store. I will keep on it. I just can't keep giving up my work so they can "fix" it -  after they reinstalled Mountain Lion and claimed that THAT was the problem, nothing changed.


    I certainly am not trying to rant. I just want this taken seriously and get it fixed.

    Thank you for your consult. I do hear you  

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    My iMac will not shut down properly either for over a year now.  It simply removes the menu and icon bars at top and bottom and simply sits there forever.


    I don't have a system "fix" but I do have a solution that works for me as a workaround.  I got to the apple menu, select the "Force Quit", force quit each open app that I missed closing before shutting down.  I then also select the "Finder" and relaunch it.  After that, I select "Shut Down" and do not hit the "Shut down" button on the window that pops up.  I simply let it time out to shut itself down.  If I hit the shut down button in shut down window it still tends to hang up on shut down.  This has worked successfully for me every time since I started having this problem.  I have a imac 2013 running Yosemite OS X 10.10.4.

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    Please create your own thread and state your problem. Also include an EtreCheck report of your system and we will look for obvious clues. You can download EtreCheck by clicking http://www.etresoft.com/etrecheck