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Hey Folks, i have a iphone 4s.  Love it.  Love it.  Love it.  Well 2 nights ago I got a message saying that I was close to filling up my HD.  I have a 16 gig iPhone.


So the 1st thing I did was plug the phone into my macbook.  Thus moving all my photos off my phone over to iphoto.  That didn't really clear up too much space so I removed about 10 apps that I don't use.  that freed up about 1.5 gig. 


Ever since then.... my battery life is bad.  Bad in the sense that I had 50% when I went to be and woke up and the phone was dead.  I took my kid for a 1 hour walk this am and lost 16%.  I wasn't even using the phone during the walk.


I searched the forums and saw that maybe I should turn off location navigation (or whatever its called) but that hasn't helped.


Any thoughts? 


Also, I have heard that Apple Support does great things....  think they would replace? 


Lastly, if you were to get a new phone.... are you able to get all the apps you paid for again?





iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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