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Hello, I just bought a used Iphone 4 from Verizon today. I wanted to download the facebook app and when I went to do so it told me that i would need to download the iOs 4.3. At that point I looked through it and asked a friend that also has an iphone 4 and he said to look in the Settings > General > Software Update. I did that and could not find the software update, I then looked through everything in the setttings and could not find it. Am I missing something or is it really not there?

iPhone 4, iOS 4.2
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    The software update function in settings did not arrive to the iphone until the release of the operating system 5. The current operating system is 5.1.1. To get the software update button under general in settings you must first connect your iphone to a computer with the latest version of iTunes and select update. Once your iphone is running IOS 5, you will be able to do all future updates directly from the phone without connecting to a computer.

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    Hey Man, I Have An Iphone 4 Running With 6.1 Version And I Have The Software Update Button But They Don't Giving Me The Latest Update 6.1.2 When I Enter It Start To "Checking For Update" But No Result :/ Any Solution ?? And By The Way My Wifi Is On