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So I recently figured out that I can have multiple Vaults for an Aperture library, thanks to discussions here and elsewhere. I am still wondering, though, if Aperture will have a problem with an "off-site" backup strategy, whereby I rotate a hard drive to a remote location on a periodic basis.


For example: My library is on the HDD "Library". This drive would travel with me and my MBP (but is not an internal). The primary Vault is on the HDD "Vaults". This drive would normally stay at my home location. I also have a NewerTech Voyager Q HD Dock, with another drive in it "Archive Alpha" and this drive houses he secondary vault.


Aperture has no issues updating both vaults. Pretty handy, I'd say. What I want to do is add another bare drive, and use it in the Voyager Dock, calling it, say, Archive Beta", and creating another Vault on it. My idea is to rotate the Archive drives to another location, so that only one would be at home at any time to be updated.


So, if I had three Vaults for a given library set up, but only two of them were available when I click "Update all vaults" will Aperture update all available vaults, or will it stop if it can't find one?



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