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I use Entourage, and recently it has not been allowing me to log in.  I have the correct password for all 3 of my email accounts, but I have to try for hours before Entrourage will randomly decide to let me in.  It's annoying and time consuming.  Can anyone tell me what I should do to fix this problem?

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    Might see...


    OS X Mountain Lion: Cannot connect to Exchange server in Mail after upgrading...






    After upgrading to Mountain Lion:

    • Your Exchange email account may not connect in Mail.
    • You may receive an error message when attempting to send or receive messages.
    • Your settings appear to change each time you quit and open Mail.


    Mountain Lion includes full support for Autodiscovery. As part of this feature, each time Mail is opened, it asks your Exchange server what settings your mail account should use when connecting to the server. As part of Autodiscovery, Mail will change your settings to reflect what the Exchange server offers. Prior to OS X v10.8, this could result in your settings unexpectedly changing.In OS X v10.8.1 and later, you can use the below steps to disable Autodiscovery and instead use the settings that our Exchange admin directs you to use for your Internal and External Mail Server.To disable Autodiscovery in OS X Mountain Lion

    1. Update to OS X v10.8.1 or later.
    2. Open Mail, then choose Mail > Preferences.
    3. Uncheck (deselect) the "Use Autodiscovery Service" checkbox above the Internal and External server settings. When Autodiscovery is unchecked, the Internal and External mail server addresses can be edited.