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iTunes Match completely fails on my iPhone. Is there a way to reset it?


The problems are quite severe:

- when tapping on a song, the wrong song starts to play

- when tapping on a song, nothing happens

- several songs are skipped (even though they are downloaded)

- artwork is missing (even from purchased iTunes songs)

- playlists appear twice...

- etc


The weird thing is, everything used to work fine. But once I had to delete some songs to make up room, and now this... I have tried disabling iTune match, syncing again with iTunes (because simply disabling the option is clearly not enough), ... etc


Anybody any suggestions?



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    I am having exactly the same issue and also for me "everything used to work fine".  It's only been in the past 2 weeks when I deleted a bunch of songs that now my songs won't play, or the next song in the playlist plays while still showing the former song, or entire albums just don't play at all.


    It seems like is started for me when I unchecked "show all music library" in my Music Settings so I would only see the music that I had downloaded to my phone.  But I have tried "show all music" again and turning off and on iTunes Match but nothing seems to help.


    This is a real problem...hopefully Apple can get this one fixed or someone has a solution...

  • jeffreyfromhyde park Level 1 Level 1

    I also have this problem using iTunes Match on my iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1.