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I purchased a new iPod Shuffle last Summer to replace one that died after 2 years.  This iPod was working fine, but now has the same issue as the last one. I had been using it quite a bit, so I decided to charge it. After charging overnight, it wouldn't work.  Now, when I turn the power switch on, I get a green light for 2-3s before it goes off. It does that each time you move the switch.  It won't play. I've tried re-setting it with no result.  It does show up in ITunes. Any ideas?  I'm really hoping not to have to buy ANOTHER one - this will be the 3rd one in 3 years!!

iPod shuffle (4th generation)
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    If the iPod does appear in iTunes under Devices in the left hand pane, I would try a restore of it. This process will wipe all data from the iPod, reset all settings back to their defaults, and reload a fresh copy of the iPod's software onto the device. Doing the restore will help rule out the possibilty of a software error/glitch and/or corrupted data.

    Restoring iPod shuffle to factory settings


    Do you use your iPod while exercising or working out?



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    So, I left the iPod on my desk for a week (just didn't have time to deal with it), and on a whim, tried it today.  It works!  I'm thinking that maybe it was an issue with moisture getting inside of it.  Yes, I do use it to run.  And I had read that moisture could be an issue.  I didn't think that was the problem here simply because it had been working and it seemed as if charging it had somehow caused the problem. And, I had tried to restore it, but that didn't appear to work.


    I still can't believe that they create a product like this which is ideal for working out, and it has issues with moisture.  Seems like a no brainer fix.


    Oh well, at this point I don't have to buy another one, so i am happy.  I'm sure that it is just a matter of time though.  Thanks for the help.

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    Glad to hear that it started working for you again!  And yes, moisture has been known to short circuit Shuffles and 6G Nanos if not properly protected during your exercise or workout routine.