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Everything was fine this morning.  I was putting in a FCP sound effect and tried to play and it froze.  I rebooted, took the effect out, but it is still freezing when trying to play.


I notice when rebooting this message came up which I haven't seen before:  "The operation couldn’t be completed. One or more projects or Events were created with a newer version of Final Cut Pro X. These projects and Events will be ignored. "


That may be another issue.


I have FCPx 10.0.3 and again, everything was working last night!


Model Identifier:          iMac9,1

  Processor Name:          Intel Core 2 Duo

  Processor Speed:          2.93 GHz

  Number Of Processors:          1

  Total Number Of Cores:          2

  L2 Cache:          6 MB

  Memory:          8 GB

Final Cut Pro X, Mac OS X (10.6.8)