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Tech Stats:

  • Windows 7 (32-bit) on a Toshiba Notebook
  • 32GB iPod Touch - purchased in April 2012
  • iTunes


I'm running iTunes on Windows 7 (32-bit), trying to sync a 32GB iPod Touch. It detects the iPod and 'starts' the sync with the candy cane-striped bar, but then it freezes.

It generally varies between:

  • "Preparing to Sync"
  • "Determining tracks to sync"
  • "Backup"
  • "Checking Downloads"
  • "Waiting for sync to start"
  • "Waiting for changes to be applied"


before it freezes completely and/or won't do ANYTHING. I either have to Ctrl+Alt+Del to stop it (as it comes up 'Not Responding' in Windows Task Manager) or disconnect the iPod from the USB port altogether, whereupon iTunes starts to work again.


There is a VERY RARE occasion when it will start to sync music - 'Syncing music to "My iPod" (Step 5 of 5)', 'Copying 3 of 1233' - then freeze and show "Finishing sync" with the candy cane-striped bar moving for a LONG time, never stopping, and it's only synced a few songs (on one occasion, the max. number of synced songs was 33 out of over 1200). Space and capacity on the iPod is never an issue as I rarely have an iPod (any model) filled to capacity. I still have about 28GB of space left.


A couple of times while the candy cane bar is churning away, I've attempted to eject the iPod. Of course I was asked if I was sure I wanted to and I clicked 'yes', and it came up with a green scrolling bar that said 'Syncing iPod'. It kept scrolling forever with no end in sight. I ended up disconnecting the iPod.


I've tried each of these steps several times:

  • Rebooting my laptop.
  • Restarting iTunes.
  • Resetting my iPod.
  • Using different USB ports.
  • Using different USB cables.
  • Re-installing without uninstalling it - Downloading it from Apple and choosing the 'Repair' option.
  • Using iTunes in Safe Mode.
  • Deleting and resetting sync history in iTunes.
  • Wi-Fi Sync.
  • Uninstalling iTunes and going back to an old version ( - still couldn't sync.
  • Uninstalling ALL iTunes components as per these instructions: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1923.
  • Re-installing
  • My ABSOLUTE LAST, bottom-of-the-barrel option would be restoring my iPod completely. However, I AM apprehensive about doing this.


I've never had trouble with iTunes before. Only recently ( and the version prior) did I have trouble syncing, where I connected the iPod and it took several clicks of the 'Sync' button before it would finish it completely without freezing or doing it 'piece-by-piece'. My Firewall settings have never had an impact on anything to do with iTunes.

I HAVE noticed, however, that every so often, my Anti-Virus program (McAfee) will come up with a red warning saying that my 'Real Time Scanning' has been turned off and that my computer is at risk. So I turn it back on again, but it doesn't make a difference to anything. Since I was infected with malware late last year, I don't want to risk getting something nasty again.


I DID, however, lose a few playlists from the current iTunes AND my iPod recently and got them back by following the instructions on this site: http://osxdaily.com/2010/12/07/itunes-playlists-disappeared-recover-missing-itun es-playlists/. I got my playlists back but then this whole drama started with not being able to sync at all.


I'm at my wit's end, I can't figure out what's going on and I don't know what to do next.

EVERYTHING else on the iPod is working flawlessly - games, apps, I even kept my iBooks! - but the problem with syncing is BEYOND me. I've been scouring the internet for days trying to find something that'll help me fix this problem but to no avail.


So please, PLEASE help me! I'm begging you, any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance!

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    You may be seeing something like what is described in this Apple article -> Apple software on Windows: May see performance issues and blank iTunes Store

    If it's what you're seeing, you can try resetting Winsock as a temporary fix or folllow along with the article.

    1. To do so, please do the following in an administrator user:
    Windows Vista and Windows 7: Right click All Programs and choose Accessories > Command Prompt. Choose to open as an administrator.

    Windows XP: Click Start > Run and type in cmd.


    2. Enter the following command: 
    netsh winsock reset


    3. Restart the computer and test the issue.
    Note:  If the issue returns, third-party software may be reinserting the LSP.

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    Hey thanks for replying.

    Here's what I did:


    1. First I tried the Winsock reset in the Command prompt. Nothing changed.
    2. Next, I tried the instructions on http://http://support.apple.com/kb/TS4123. The only other program that came up on the 'Winsock Providers' tab on the program was 2 Windows Live applications, which I can do without. So I deleted all Windows Live Applications.
    3. I did the Winsock reset in the Command Prompt again and rebooted my comp.


    Unfortunately, nothing has changed. iTunes keeps freezing at various stages of the sync, then shows the candy cane-striped bar with either the words 'Finishing sync' or 'Cancelling sync', before showing the Apple logo.

    • Sometimes, iTunes gets to the syncing stage - "Copying # of ####" - where it will trudge through the first, second and third tracks before flashing "Copying 4 of ####" for a split second and I catch "Cancelling sync" briefly before the Apple logo appears.


    Again, I've repeated the steps I mentioned in my previous post. Does ANYONE know when the new version of iTunes is set to be released?! This one is driving me INSANE, to say the least!!

  • whatheck Level 5 Level 5

    A new version of iTunes came out yesterday, it only has minor updates, see this -> iTunes 10.7

    (And a newer version, with major updates, was also announced in the Keynote yesterday, it is supposed to be out sometime in October)


    Does this happen if you sync the iPod touch in another user account?

    You may also want to make sure the security software isn't causing the problem, see this Apple doc -> iTunes: Troubleshooting security software issues

  • gothgirl87 Level 1 Level 1

    hey, mate.


    Ok so I downloaded iTunes 10.7 from that link you sent me but you're right; there's not much difference, if any. I tried to sync a few times but it was still the same process. Needless to say, i CANNOT WAIT for the newer version with major updates.
    I got a couple of new error messages, though; they only came up once. The messages were:

    • "iTunes was unable to load data class information from Sync Services. Reconnect or try again later."
    • "iTunes could not connect to the iPod "My iPod" because an invalid response was received from the device."


    I hadn't tried to sync it on another user account until you suggested it, but when I tried it (the other account still has installed) but there was no change.

    As for the security software - like I said before, I'm apprehensive about uninstalling or disabling my anti-virus because I don't want to risk something nasty infecting my CPU. It seems a bit complicated too; I consider myself moderately tech-savvy but some of this is going over my head.

    I really DO appreciate your help!

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    Hi there


    My experience with my iPhone 5 and itunes 10.7 latest version (all updates and fixes listed in your post) is pretty much the same as yours!   No result and I still can't sync.


    Did you ever sort this out and find a solution?    Any help would be GRATEFULLY accepted.



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    am experiancina a problem with my iphon 4s. trying to restor to a itune verson 10.6.3 but is telling me that an erro occor 1. i realy dont know what to do

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    After trying everything listed here and still experiencing the sync freeze, I disabled Symantec anti-virus and Windows Firewall.  Sync started working normally again.

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    Windows 7 Ultimate/iPod Touch 4th Gen, 6.01/iTunes 10.7,  Unfortunately I have had this experience as well, with both and 10.7.  I wasted an entire daytrying to figure this out.  After repeatedly trying the standards of completely restoring my ipod, removing/cleaning/ and reinstalling my itunes, etc.   I finally noticed the system was freezing always at the exact same song/mp3.  So I moved the file out of it's original folder. I then deleted it from my library. Then the next sync went through without a hitch.  Note:  The file/song plays in windows media player with no problems.  I tried to play it directly within itunes and of course it froze, and if it was part of my sync -  it would freeze.  How a .mp3 file could be ok for media player but not  itunes is beyond me.  This may be worth a try for you, and it's simple.  Good Luck

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    Here is what I have experienced with my library on a Windows 7 / 64 bit / SP1 machine.  I cannot sync more than about 800-1000 tracks into the iPod classic at one time.  I can select fewer than 800 at a time by choosing artists, keeping an eye on the total number of tracks to be synchronized (compared to the number of tracks currently on the iPod).  When I try to add more than about 800 tracks the iPod freezes during the track copying step and refuses to do anything further until I retry with a smaller number of tracks to be sync'ed.  I have called Apple and explained this behavior to them so in theory they may debug it and give a solution better than this workaround.

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    I had this problem too, and finally solved it by running iTunes as administrator on Windows 7.

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    I got the same problem when I connect my ipad , ituens freeses and says "problem with itunes" I have try everithing but nothing help , I also restar my ipad and erase everting and when I try to sync music I didn't have any problems but then I wanted to pass more to the ipad, the problem staed to beging again and is dryving me crazy

    I'm waiting for the new itunes, hope that the problem go

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    Not much chance of this working but you may as well have a go:

    I've been having this problem with my iTunes recently on the latest version same as this thread and my fix, as unlikely as it sounds, was actually signing in to my itunes and then authorizing my computer too! ??? I have no clue how it worked probably just a fluke or something else I tried but I swear it didnt work beforehand.