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Currently on 10.6.8 server on an iMac that was used for lots of things (users logged into it and installed apps).  Moving to the Oct 2009 Mac Mini Server that had no optical drive.  It has 10.6.8 server, and I want to migrate just for the server related stuff.


I've already installed the 10.6.8 over the "remote install osx" in Utilities (over LAN), and it's sitting at the Migration assistant screen, showing no volumes, yet.


1) do I now just plug the older server and new server directly together with lan cable for the migration assistant to see each other?  I know the server will be down for a bit during this...


2) I don't want to migrate the all the apps and junk... just the server related stuff, like OD, user shares, etc.


What settings should I be checking in the Migration assistant to have my server working with sharepoints, OD users, and all except APPS?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), i5 with Thunderbolt
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    I've done a migration recently from a Mac Mini Server to a Mac Pro. I thought that migration the server by portion (like you) would be the most normal way, but turns out that I actually mirrored the entire disk image and it worked great. I simply booted my Mac Mini in Disk mode (FireWire) and copied it over.


    In your case, it might be easier to start that way and remove the unwanted apps. At least, you'll be sure to have all your settings right away.


    If you don't do that and start with a clean install, you'll need at least to migrate over your OD user using the Server Admin OD. Then, you'll need to "ditto" your mail, iCal and Address Book data over. The 10.6 Admin Guides, available on the Apple support website, are very detailed on the backup procedures.