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  • Vinnie Delany Level 1 Level 1

    AS i Said earlier ive had it, and gone to gmail it is just not worth it

  • Allan Eckert Level 9 Level 9

    So go already and stop talking about it.



  • brinded Level 1 Level 1

    Appeal to discussions moderator:


    Please intervene - surely post above by Allen Eckert and his other recent posts constitute not only 'off topic' but also 'trolling'?

  • AppleEvangelist Level 1 Level 1

    Now that I would love! I have pulled back on my Apple evangelism based on this debacle. I haven't seen anything this bad. I was actually cutting my last ties to the PC world (16 year old email address) on Tuesday and now I have pause to not act so fast. I am going to rethink my approach. Maybe put a new battery in my old Dell D820 laptop and a new solid state drive for $140 and go back to using it. Keep my MBA for the toy it is.

  • Vinnie Delany Level 1 Level 1

    Now Now Allen tut tut

  • wtchurch Level 1 Level 1

    Allen please consider the reason so many people are upset is that this was a major violation of trust and respect on the part of Apple.  It is clear that Apple mistated the scope of the problem.  They knew for the first hour that they were dealing with a major system problem.  This was not a communication node down or one mail server farm down.  It effected people world wide in much larger numbers than have been admitted by Apple.  They did not give us updates that were timely.  The hid the problem.

    This is not what a business partner does.

    But more importantly, this signals a very deep problem for the future of Apple and their company evaluation.  ICloud is a major strategy.  Bottom line is that outages happen.  It is how a company responds that is the hallmark. Apple has failed this test.

    The worst case scenario here is that it was not a hack but a bad software load that kept propagating in the system.  This would call into doubt the development of the new IOS.  My point is that without information from Apple we are left to speculate.  Apple should learn that lesson. 

  • wtchurch Level 1 Level 1

    Don't appeal to the moderator.  They were the original censors that kept us from discussing this opening.  Yes, they removed the first responses as offensive because we questioned Apple.   The Apple of Cook is not the Apple of Jobs.  

  • RIP2012 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm continuing to receive these email notifications although I've turned them off several times. This is very frustrating! The only reason that I'm leaving this response and reading the posts on this board AGAIN is because I continue to receive them in my box!!!


    I've been a fan of apple for the past 8 years... not as long as some but, still a long time. As with many households out there, my household alone has 3 imacs, 3 macbooks, 2 ipads, 1 itouch, umpteen ipods/shuffles and we've all had every iphone that has been available since it's birth equaling about 15 phones... that's not including the replacements for cracked screens or phones that have decided to take a swim in the jacuzzi.


    Apple... ALL that I'm asking for is a simple apology!!! You say that 1% of your customers were affected by this... may not seem like a lot to you but, when you're part of the 1% that is affected, it might as well be everyone because that's what it feels like!


    The least you can do is apologize for what we've been through and fix the glitch in the darn notifications!!!


    Thank you!!!

  • austinl Level 1 Level 1

    My email started working about 4 pm yesterday and emails have been trickling in since.  It now looks like I've received all of my e-mails.  Hope this encourages the rest of you who still don't have access to your e-mail!

  • ANYNAMEANYNAME Level 1 Level 1

    I was one of those affected by the outage.  Now I can get my mail using safary and, but I can not ge my mail with mac mail.  Please help

  • Joker6 Level 1 Level 1

    I, to, have been trying to stop these messages  but now that its slowed down to a trickle I've started to read the comments again. I concure with most of what has been said and appreciate everyones frustration regarding Apples arrogance.


    Apple Read This And Learn:


    I might be an old fashoned business person but I treat my customers with respect. The past 12 business hours I've been calling and actually talking to my customers appologies for not responding promptly due to this unfortunite situation. In every instance they understood and actually poked fun at me because I have been a huge Apple advocate for the past decade stating the reliabilty of the OS and hardware. Oooops egg on my face now. Bottom line my customers appreciated the personal contact no harm done.


    Apple its unfortunite that this has happened, and it can and will happen  again to all computor companies, but the way it was handled was deplorable. To not even give your front end customer service people the tools to help defuse the situation is dispicable. I feel sorry for them and on behalf of humanity I appologise for some of the comments they must have had to endure. Especially after publishing the 1.1%, are we really that naive. Then, at the very moment of iCloud crisis, to walk out on stage and proudly proclame your amazing status in the world, what an insult to all of us that made you what you are today. Et Tu Brute


    Apple its time to step back and get grounded again. That big retail switch can be turned off pretty quickly and those pretty stores can suddenly become liabilities with out us, your customers. Don't think for a minute that its solely your marketing powess and the pretty adds that sold those millions of unites. We, the users, are the ones that continue to support you and we bring to your product our friends and colleges that help you succeed and grow. You are braking that chain, causing decention, with your head in the sand, so sad, fess up....  


    Joe Kerr

    Kerr Marketing Group

  • Allan Eckert Level 9 Level 9

    This is not the place to talk to Apple. These forums are for users like yourself so you are only speaking to the choir here with your post.



  • Robert Pearson Level 1 Level 1

    But Thanks Joker6 for taking the time and writing so eloquently on the subject,

    Allan has nothing to offer.

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    Although my iCloud mail is backup, my mail application is doing strange things, like 5 drafts of already sent outbound emails appearing majically in my DRAFTS folder.  In addition, they won't delete.  What?   Anybody else having strange behaviour?  - Steve in Denver

  • Joker6 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks Robert, I appreciate your comment.


    I had the same issues with the drafts and I tried a multiude of different things using all my devices iPad, iPhone and I can't remember what finally unlocked it. I did take one of the dratfs and deleted the senders and sent it to myself and I think that was one of the keys that worked, but not total certian of the sequence.


    I have a huge list of duplicate dicarded emails in my trash that I can't perform a select all and delete, they have to be done one by one. Painful...