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This isn't really about how the "date" criteria works in a Smart Album...


I photograph at the same locations frequently, and I use a single project for each location. I then create a Smart Album inside that project with the date of that shoot, so that when I edit for posting, or printing, or what-have-you, I can look at just that day's photos.


But when I create a Smart Album, the Date criteria is not one of the defaults. I always need to add it, and then, of course, specify the date or range.


Is there a way to have the Date criteria be one of the defaults that come up for a new Smart Album? Or, would it be possible to automate it somehow?



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    I don't think you can edit the default list of smart rules.


    However, you can create a smart album with the "Date" rule and use it as a template to copy other albums from.

    When I need the same set of rules for several smart albums, I create one intital smart album with all the rules I need and copy all other albums from this; then drag them to the project that I want them to be in.

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    Smart Albums are dynamic.  As best I can tell, the contents of each of the "Recorded on this Date" Smart Albums you ask about don't change (you don't add to an existing Project Images that were recorded on a date for which you already have a Smart Album).  If so, you would be better served (imho) using Albums.  These are easy to make -- just select the Images from the most recent shoot ("{click}" then "{Shift}+{click}" if in date order), and "{Command}+l" (or "File➞New➞Album").  No need to fuss with Rules at all.


    Among other advantages, you will see an item count following the name of the Album on the Library tab of the Inspector.  Additionally, Albums load faster.


    There is an additional concern you might address.  It is not advised to use Projects as "upper level" containers.  They weren't designed to be used this way (afaict), and you are likely to outgrow using them that way as your Library grows.  I've yet to hear anyone disagree with the advice to keep Projects to under 1,000 items.  I keep mine under 500, and rarely put more than 200 in any one Project.  My general outline structure is Folders, then Projects, then Albums.  I stick to organization plans where one Project equals one out-in-the-world shoot.  In your case your could keyword your Images by "shoot location" -- or even use Aperture's Places feature to organize your shoots by location.


    Added:  you cannot -- as with Léonie, afaik -- edit the default Filter HUD or the default Smart Settings HUD.  This comes up regularly (but perhaps not often).  You might see this added if you make a feature request.  Let Apple know via "Aperture➞Provide Aperture Feedback".


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