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Hi folks,


I have an iPhone 4, and for security reasons I have enable the passcode lock and also enable the "Erase Data" option after 10 times failed.


My questions about this:


1) The 10 times failed had to be continuous? or incremental? Lets say that I have failed the 2 first attempts but the 3rd I succeed, after this it resent the counter to a 10 times? o will stay in 8 times let?


2) Does this erase data option after 10 wrong passcodes do the same like doing General--> Reset --> Erase all content and settings?


3) I want to try this featur but want to know, I don't care of erasing my date (I have a backuo of all) but I don't know if I try 10 failed times, it will format all and blocks the iPhone ofr it just resets as a brand new one opened? What really happens?


Sorry for the basic of the questions but I want to know what impacts with this


All responses will be muchly appreciate it.


Thank & Regards


Johnny E.

iPhone 4, iOS 4.2