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This is just bizarre.  A couple months ago I connected my iphone 4 to the wall charger and nothing happened.  First thing I did was connect my husband's iphone 4 to the same outlet and same charger to make sure there's not a problem with the outlet and his phone charges fine.  I reconnected my phone to same charger and nothing happens.  I turned my phone off (left it plugged in) and turned it back on and then it starts charging.  No problem, that worked for a couple weeks then all of a sudden nothing I did worked to charge the phone in that outlet.  So I plug the phone in to a different outlet.  Still have to turn the phone off and back on again but it starts to charge.  Then a couple weeks later, guess what?  Same problem.  So we move to a 3rd outlet.  That works for a little while and then a couple days ago that stops working.  At this point no outlet in my house works to charge the phone.  My husband's phone (we bought them at the same time) has never developed this problem.  I try to charge via the USB port on my computer and nothing happens at all.  The computer doesn't even recognize anything is plugged in.  The phone does still charge via car charger, but that's it.  So I take the phone to the Verizon store and they plug it in and sure enough it charges right up.  They reset it to factory settings, tell me to go home and try to see if it works and if not they will send me a new phone.  So I go home all excited, plug it in, and NOTHING.  I call them and they send me a new phone.  I get the new phone today and again am all excited, plug it in and NOTHING.  I have restored via backup from iCloud, then reset and set up as a new iphone and still the same problem.  And yes it still charges via car charger and still won't connect via USB to my laptop.  I'm about to go crazy.  Any ideas?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1
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    Most likely a bad cable.

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    I don't think the cable is bad.  It works just fine for my husband's phone.  I literally take the cable out of my phone and put it in his and his phone charges right up and the laptop recognizes it's connected.

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    Yes, but it's the only thing left. You have a new phone with the same problem. Try Restoring the phone as New. Don't sync it, don't add anything. If it works you have corrupt software in your backup. If it doesn't work all that's left is the cable.

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    I've tried 2 seperate cables and neither works.  I'm going to try restoring as new again (already did that once and it didn't work).  I'm at my wits end.  It truly is the most bizarre problem in the world.  I can almost guarantee that if I take the same charger to my neighbor's house and try it that it will work just fine.  If the new restore doesn't work I guess I'll just take everything I have to the Verizon store tonight.  First though I think I'll videotape the problem in action so they know that I am really not crazy.  I agree that it seems like a software problem is most likely the issue but then restoring as new should have fixed that.  I'm eligible for an upgrade in about a month and I've loved the iPhone up until this problem but I'm getting frustrated and thinking maybe I'll just get something else.

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    OK, did restore as new and that didn't fix it.  Will try getting a 3rd cable tonight and see if that does it.

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    The problem is one of these:


    Charger faulty.

    Plug/socket fault between cable and charger.

    Cable faulty.

    Plug/socket fault between cable and iPhone.

    iPhone hardware faulty.

    iPhone software problem.


    Obvious, I know, but substitution/examination might get you there.