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Some of the invitations for calendar eventa aren't being sent from iCal. My email account is the same as my Apple ID account, both gmail (I saw a few posts where people felt that this was part of the issue).

I've sent test invites to a few addresses and one are received, others not.

Does anyone know of a fix?




Mountain Lion fully updated

  • philliprodo Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having the same issue as well. Fully upgraded to Mountain Lion, to include yesterday's upgrade to version 10.8.2.


    Any one else having this problem? Or does anyone have any suggestion for a fix?

  • larryd517 Level 1 Level 1
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    try two things...


    change recipients addresses from @gmail.com to @googlemail.com


    and try

              Login to iCloud.com
              Click Calendar
              Click the gear box, upper right
              Go to Preferences
              Go to Advanced


              --->>>  change Receive iCloud Invitations as: to  email to <your address here>

  • philliprodo Level 1 Level 1

    larryd517 wrote:


    try two things...


    Thanks for the feedback. I tried your suggestions, but it didn't make a difference. As it turns out, I cannot send invitations either from Calendar on my MacBook Pro or the calendar on my iCloud account. So something seems definitely broken here. I called Tech Support and talked to a guy that send me on a goose chase hoping that something would miraceously fix the problem, I guess. When he wanted me to set up another user account on my laptop "just to test it out" I gave up and told him that was more trouble than it's worth.


    I can still send out the invitations manually, however, at least from my Calendar on the laptop. After I create an event, I can do a secondary click on the event and select Mail Event. But it would be nice if this worked as it should so that invitations are automatically sent out.

  • garymc7 Level 1 Level 1

    Yes same issue. I notice that in iCal under invitees the email address that isn't getting an invite is grayed out, whereas the email addresses of the other invitees are not.The grayed-out address is not a gmail account and it is working - I can email the event manually but not through the invitees box in iCal.


    10.8.2 iCal v6.0