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My school provided 2.4GHz macbook is not charging but the charger is plugged in correctly, I get no light no orange no green absoloutely nothing happens. I tried using a different charger but that again would not work so I'm assuming its a problem with the macbook its self. THe thing is, is that this macbook is merely 1 year old (it's less than 7 - 8 months! ) and yet it already failed me, extremely disappointed, apple. My school wants to charge me $210 just to replace the whole components at the bottom or w/e ...they didnt even check to see if it could be a broken battery inside or something so I tried to do that but stopped since I found ot that the bottom part of it was all covered in the white plastic - i think the term is unibody. What is wrong with it? On another note, I checked the power cycle count with what little battery I had and it was around 2500 - 3000 and I barely had it for a year! Why is it like this? It was also a refurbished macbook I believe...any help would be appreciated, what can I do ? thanks!

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    If the MacBook is less than a year old it is still covered by Apple's warranty. Contact Apple using expresslane.apple.com if you are in a country that supports it or call the appropriate phone number on this page. Alternatively carry the MacBook in to an Apple retail store or service provider.


    It sounds, however, like it may have been refurbished by someone else, and thus not falling under Apple's warranty. Check with your school to see what the coverage is.


    You can also check the MacBook's warranty status with Apple here. You'll need your serial number.


    Best of luck.