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I have setup 10.6.8 server on mac Mini.  It is sitting at the "Transfer an Existing Server?" prompt. (It says, "if you are replacing an existing mac server, you can connect to it and transfer it's information to this new server....You will NOT be able to migrate from another server at a later time"


I was told by apple genius that I could connect this mac mini to my old server by lan cable direct, and transfer. (like how migration assistant usually works)


Problem is it didn't recognize the old server when I did this.


How can I get the new server to recognize the old server to be able to transfer?  Obviously, I can't reboot the new server yet, it's sitting at a point waiting for "something" to show up for it to recognize.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), i5 with Thunderbolt
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    Ask Apple? 


    AFAIK, the transfer is not permissible via LAN.


    AFAIK, the transfers are only local via FireWire or Thunderbolt (and you'll need a match between what the old and the new Mac Mini Server supports), or via a USB-connected local disk.


    The way I usually do this is with Disk Utility.  Creating an external backup on a USB disk - boot the installer DVD on the old Mac Mini Server, and run Disk Utility from the Utilities menu and create an external copy of the disk - then transfer and connect that disk to the new Mac Mini Server.  I use this "backup of the original server" as the source, too; I use the original disk in the Mac Mini as the "backup copy".  (This obviously assumes a one-disk configuration; on the newer Mac Mini Server boxes, I usually RAID the internal disks.)


    And you should be able to shut down and restart the new Mac Mini Server and get back to that transfer section.  At worst, you'll restart the installation from the recovery partition, and get back to that transfer prompt that way.

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    Thank you Mr. Hoffman.


    I was mislead by the Apple Genius (whom I did ask for help before coming here).  He said LAN was fine.  You were right.