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An error has started occuring when I attempt to trigger an Applescript via an external process. The console error is as follows:


12/09/2012 11:01:39.205 osascript[269]: Scripting addition loading restricted to system domains because this process has mixed credentials (issetugid=0 r/e uid=501/0 gid=20/20)


When I run the script locally on the Mac(Mini - Mountain Lion 10.8.1) it works perfectly.


What is happening is as follows.


I have a MacMini as a music server in a home automation environment powered by a Crestron processor. The MacMini is connected to two zones, one via the Optical output and another to a DAC from one of the USB ports. When I selected "Listen to iTunes" in one of the two zones the controller sends a command via UDP to a program running on the MacMini which triggers the scripts to change to the appropriate audio out.


All was working well until yesterday when all of a sudden the program triggering the script, whilst reporting that it has executed the correct script correctly, isn't switching the output and the above message is appearing on the console.


I have read what I can on here and as such have reset the PRAM and SMC (all three dongs...) and deleted the script triggering program, run Clean My Mac and rebooted, all to no avail.


Can anyone help me with this, it has to be something simple given that it was working...surely? I haven't run an update or changed anything else that I can think of.....


Any and all thoughts and input would be greatly appreciated.




Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)