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I have a problem in Photoshop CS5 (v. 12.0.2) after ugrading my Mac system to Mountain Lion 10.8.1. I use a mouse (not wireless, also tried changing mouse).


When I work with a picture using the brush tool and move the cursor to a palette or menu, the layers palette for example, the cursor disappers. Sometimes you can see that the palettes gets "marked" when you move the mouse around (I mean the "buttons" that changes when you move the cursor over them). But the cursor is gone and I can't see where to click. If I just click around and eventually hit the right spot, a layer for example, the cursor usually comes back. But the problem happens again as soon as I move the cursor from my picture to a palette or menu.


I don't use that many different tools in Photoshop, usually just the brush tool. But the same thing happens with the doodge tool (or any other tool I think).


Very thankful if anyone can help!


If a similar question has already been answered I apologize, I could'nt find it.



Mac Pro (Early 2008), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1), Photoshop CS5
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    ditto, same annoying issue.

    working in Photoshop CS5 and the cursor FREQUENTLY disappears... it's not "every 10 minutes or so..." as I have seen discussed, it's constant. I constantly have to click off onto Firefox or something else open so the cursor will come back, then click back onto photoshop and resume working... totally annoying issue that has been bugging for a while now.

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    Best option, update to Photoshop CS6 while you can still get discount