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I want to get the iPhone 5 but I used the composite cable with my 4 as a GPS in my car. Will this work on the iPhone 5 with the adapter for the mini port?

iPhone 4S
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    Apparently the answer is no? I guess for me this is the #1 reason to not buy an iPhone 5. I switched to the iPhone specifically for the component (RCA) cable with charging capabilities for my car audio / nav needs. Android did not have a good solution and Apple did. I am sure there are a hand full of  folks who bought the Pioneer App radio who are stuck as well. Apple needs to make an airplay to component adapter or a cable for the iPhone 5. Newsflash  I am not switching my head unit out for a new phone. Don’t get me wrong I love air play and own an apple TV but hotel rooms, cars, boats and points of usage not going to have air play in all instances. Even if a cable comes out the “digital” port seems telling that component is going away. Time will tell.