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Hi I currently have a 3GS that fits my Sony stereo with a built-in docking station. The Sony dock has the 30 pin adapter.  With with new connector on the iPhone 5 is there any information as yet as to whether there will be a way to connect the new phone to my stereo? Or am I looking at my stereo no longer being able to play my music directly from the phone via a connector?





iPhone 3G, iOS 5.1.1
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    From Here...


    Features  >  http://www.apple.com/iphone/features/


    Soon many iPhone accessories will be Lightning compatible. But if you have one that depends on the 30-pin connector, you can still connect it to your iPhone 5. Simply use a Lightning to 30-pin Adapter (sold separately).

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    AnaMusic, thank you for that prompt reply.  So  do you know if this 30 pin adaptor will allow the phone to sit in the cradle that my stereo uses cirrently? Or will my drop down cradle become redundant, connecting a wire, so that the phone has to rest flat on top of the stereo?



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    Without trying it, one could only guess, but this is the adapter you'd have to use: http://store.apple.com/us/product/MD823ZM/A/lightning-to-30-pin-adapter?fnode=48

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    Thanks for this.  Its good to see there is an adapter, which will be useful for using charger leads.  Sadly this adapter won't be any good for any of the docking systems I have ever seen, not just the one I own.  The reason being is that the phone is docked virtically and so this adapter as it won't support the phone, and even if the adapter fits the cradkle, the phone will no longer have a the support of the cradle, and will likely put a strain the the lightning connecter into the phone and the adapter on the the raised pin plug with the adapter.


    The sad thing is, this connection issue is a bigger issue than it first looks.  Not only will I no longer be able to connect the new phone to my stereo - I will not be able to connect it to my VW Golf sound system, as this has a specialised 30 pin adapter. So even if VW create a new adapter, whats that going to cost? 


    I always thought apples were good for ytour health, sadly this one is expensive and awkward.

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    There's two versions of the 30 pin to lightning adapter. One has a short piece of cable, which is probably the better adapter to use with speaker docks. This solves the problem of putting strain on the connectors.




    This creates a new problem though, now the phone is going to be dangling off the speaker dock instead of resting comfortably.


    I think there's a market out there for a dock adapter whose bottom fits in a 30 pin universal dock cavity and has it's own lightning dock on top so that you can still dock your phone. I'd buy one.

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    Hello.  I also have a problem trying to connect an iPhone 5 to a Sony receiver.  I have a docking station that connects to the receiver that worked fine with the iPhone 3G (and enabled me to listen to internet radio, etc., via the phone).  I bought a lightning to 30 pin adapter wire, and the iPhone 5 appears to connect OK but the music won't play (and the phone isn't charging either).  Any thoughts about this?  I really don't want to have to get a new music system.

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    I have exactly the same problem as Sarah-1949. Have you found any solution ? Thanks !

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    What I've done is to continue to use my iphone 3G to play music as I was doing before.  It no longer has phone service but still can stream audio via wifi.  Someone at Best Buy told me I could connect the iphone 5 by getting a cable that would run from the headphone outlet on the iphone and into video-in jack on the stereo.  Then you put the stereo on the video setting.  I did this and it worked but I think I get better sound using the iphone 3G, the dock and the DM port. 


    I've never been able to play music on the stereo using the ipod part of the iphone3G -- I can only stream music through internet radio or youtube.  Don't know why.  I'm just trying to find my way through this.  Good luck!



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    Thanks Sarah,


    I thought about connecting the iphone with a cable but then, I don't think the alarm from the iphone's music will start with the sony device...

    Anyway, I'll just have to do the same as you, thanks again !

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    I bought a cheap adpt online for my sony dock/radio & it will charge the phone but not connect for music.


    is there an app needed?

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    just buy the genuine adapter

    The cheap rip offs are just that

    Buy from Apple or slowly appearing premium accessory manufacturers

    as in Belkin , Griffin et al

    They have all licenced the technology ffrm Apple and they all work as expected