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I was in the US and bought an AirPort Express 802.11n Wi-Fi... I was told it can listen to music on my sound system played from my laptop via the AirPort Express. When I got back home it turned out the airport express needs to commincate with my internet router, however, when I try to get them to connect with airport utility there's an error message everytime... Apple's support didn't sound all the confident in what they were saying, but apparently the router needs to be as apple router for the airport to be able to connect to it... Does anybody have a solution to this?



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    It should work.


    Set up your Airport Express in client mode and connect it to your stereo. You could refer the Apple support people to:




    Question: I have a third-party 802.11b/g/n wireless access point. I want to put AirPort Express next to my home theater and stream iTunes to it. Can AirPort Express join the third-party network?

    Answer: Yes. AirPort Express can join a third-party network in client mode, or if it is connected via Ethernet to a LAN port on the non-Apple wireless access point.


    Question: What is client mode?

    Answer: Essentially it means that the AirPort Express becomes an interface for iTunes to wirelessly deliver music to your entertainment center. The Ethernet port will be disabled, and you will not be able to wirelessly connect other computers to the AirPort Express for the purpose of Internet access. For more information see this article AirPort Express: What is client mode?



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    I have non-apple wireless network at home (Verizon Fios Router). Can the Apple Express connect to my wi-fi network wirelessly? I was told it would connect wirelessly only to an apple router and to non-apple routers only through the ethernet connection.


    I looked at the article on "client mode" but after reading it, it was still not clear to me if it would connect wirelessly.


    I want to connect the apple express to my receiver to stream music from my macbook pro, iphone, and ipad. The receiver is not near the router so the option to connect the apple express through an ethernet connection is not feasible for me.


    Apprecite if someone could please clarify and provide more instructions on how this could be done. Thanks.

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    The AirPort Express will "join" any wireless network in client mode......IF.....


    1) You are using a 5.x version of AirPort Utility on your Mac. OS X (10.6.8) listed in your profile would qualify if that is what you are still using.


    2) You know the name of the FIOS wireless network


    3) You know the password of the FIOS wireless network


    4) You know the exact type of wireless security that the FIOS router is using.


    As you might imagine, most users already know 2) and 3). But 4) is critical, since the AirPort Express will not connect to the network unless the security settings on the FIOS network match up exactly with the settings on the AirPort Express.


    Things get really dicey with the Lion and Mountain Lion operating systems since you have to jump through hoops and navigate workarounds to install older software on the Mac to configure the Express.


    Most users do not have the time or patience to work through this, since Apple has made it quite difficult to connect the Express to 3rd party routers over the past year or two.


    Post back with the information that you have, and then we can decide whether you want to tackle this or not.

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    Thanks for your response.


    I was successful in connecting the AE (2nd gen) wirelessly to my non apple wireless network.


    I followed the steps in the following post: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1731


    I have airport utility 5. I selected join network and once I selected the correct network it populated items 2, 3, and 4 (as mentioned in the above post). The only thing was not clear when to unplug the AE from the router. After you have entered everything it reboots itself and the AU window says its rebooting but after a while the AE has a green light but the AU still kept saying its rebooting and then it told me an error occurred. Nevertheless the light was still green so I unplugged it from the router and from the power. I replugged the AE (waited for the green light) and opened iTunes and I had an option to choose speakers (computer or AE). So gave it a try and it works.


    What is strange is that after speaking with three employees at an Apple store I walked out being told that I would not be able to connect wirelessly and stream music using the AE in a non-apple network!


    Only after reading on the web did I feel that it was worth a try.