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    That's refreshing to see that you upgraded to iOS 6 with an 8GB iPod Touch 4G and running as well or better than iOS 5.1.1.


    That's good the OTA went well for you.


    You're one of the few that's not having any issues after updating to iOS 6.


    Your post now renews my confidence for updating to iOS 6 with my iPod Touch 4G 8GB.


    Should I delete some apps before updating? (I'm at 3.2 GB Available)


    Should I restore from back up and set up as new?


    Since you were successfully with updating with your Device itself (OTA) would you advise updating via iTunes as well?


    Also, can you reply to my reply to you .Asa with the answers to the above questions?


    Also, can you reply to me with some suggestions for a successful update?


    Appreciate it.


    Thanks again for the Post .Asa

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    Really, I can't imagine how freeing up storage space would improve performance. You do need at least 2.4 gigabytes free to make the upgrade, though. So deleting apps is not necessary if you already have that much.


    If you want to restore and update as a new iPod, that might smooth out the update, but is really not necessary.


    If you have a good, fast, reliable wifi connection, updating right on the iPod will work just fine. Updating from iTunes on your computer would be faster and possibly more reliable, so it may be a good idea if you don't trust wifi. I did the OTA method just for convenience.


    Suggestions for a successful update:

    Just click update and leave your iPod alone until it's done. It's super simple.


    Some people complain about the music app. My music app works just fine. But I don't use it much because I have a separate iPod for music.


    I did have one little issue with iOS 6. The new redesigned App Store is nice, but it crashes all the time on an iPod touch. There is an easy fix, however. Go to settings>general>date and time, turn automatic time off. Then set it to some crazy year way in the future. Visit the App Store again. It should work fine. You can turn the automatic time setting back on when you're done. Don't ask me how this works, because I don't know. But it did for me.


    I hope this helped, and good luck with the update.

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    I apologize for taking so long to respond.


    Thank you so very much for the advice and suggestions, as I will take all under consideration before updating to iOS 6.


    I truly appreciate you responding.


    Thanks a lot again.

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    Hi .Asa , I'm new to this thread .... but apparently even i have been hopelessly searching this place for some time now for advice on iOS6 upgrade. I have an ipod Touch 4g 32gigs. When I bought it , it was smooth as butter ... and then came 5.x.x and screwed up everything. As of now I'm running 5.1.1's ok, does the job but has lost the spark :-(


         Your update/review of the iOS 6 upgrade on the ipod touch 4g has brought back my optimism... even I'm thinking of doing an OTA upgrade but was unsure till now if it might slow down the device further....


      Can you also share some statistics like which all applicatoins have you noticed any speed improvements, multitasking, etc ?


    Appreciate your help !


    Thanks !

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    Shaktimaan89, (and whoever else),


    Sorry for taking so long to reply. I share your feelings about iOS. I was reluctant to take the chance and upgrade to iOS 6, given how slow my iPod already was with iOS 5.1.1. Fortunately the devs at Apple seem to have given some thought to lesser devices, because my good ol' iPod touch is a perfectly smooth and capable device running iOS 6.

    Unfortunately, I did not take any performance measurements on my iPod running ios 5.1.1, so I can not do a direct comparison. Here are some stats for iOS 6.0:


    With no apps running in the background, it loads:

    -the music app in 2-3 seconds

    -the settings app in ~1 second

    -reminders app in >0.5 second

    -clock app in >0.5 second

    -photos app in ~1.5 second (I have about 1,000 photos)

    -camera app in ~2 seconds (from tapping the icon to the shutter opened)

    -Angry Birds in ~11 seconds


    As for multitasking, all I can say is that it's about the same as it was as far as I can tell.


    The one big improvement over iOS 5.1.1 in my opinion is SpringBoard (the background application that runs the home screen, lock screen, and basic animations). In 5.1.1, if you had a lot of apps running in the background, the home screen would sometimes freeze when swiping between pages, the unlock animation and other animations would drop frame rate drastically, etc. Not so in iOS 6. SpringBoard seems to have been given top priority. All animations are smooth and fluid just as they should be.


    The one thing that's not good is the App Store. It has a whole new look and UI, but it crashes a lot. Which is kind of a big deal, because the App Store is the app that you use to install apps. For a temporary fix, go to date & time settings and set the date a year ahead. For some reason, this should make the App Store work a little better.


    So in my opinion, by upgrading to iOS 6 you'll get a lot of cool new features, and performance will be as good or better than before.


    I hope this helped,


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    .Asa ,


    Thanks a ton for replying back with such detailed and useful stats ....   I'll update my iPod touch soon by this weekend and implement the above date/time advice you've shared. I'll soon reply back once I'm done with the OS upgrade to share my observations.


    Thanks a lot and really appreciate your help ! 


    - Shaktimaan89

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    Hi, I have 4th Gen iPod Touch and updated to iOS6 last night.. On the train to work this morning and the bass was extremely distorted. I have Dre Beats Solo HD. Tested with my iPhone 4S iOS6 and working fine. Looked through forums and found out that this Music+ app replicates everything from your Music and works perfectly. Not happy at all though.

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    Hi Jrh1012,


    Well, in this thread since we're more generally discussing about the overall responsiveness of iOS6 over iOS5, could you tell us more about how iOS6 feels on your ipod touch 4g  - 32gigs ?  


    Here I'm only referring to multitasking, general UI animations, lagginess (if any ), multitasking, etc....  can you post your experiences here ?


    Thanks !

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    Ok here's my review of iOS 6 after having used it now for a good 3 days ....

      Firstly it's a great improvement over the previous iOS, but still maybe not exactly upto iOS 4.3 standards ... But it's ok since the amount of functionality has almost been doubled since then.


    This OS feels far better responsive and the general ui animations are very fluid. No lags felt so far on my iPod touch 32gb which is almost 75% full.. App Store is fortunately working for me :-) . I'll recommend people to do an OTA upgrade. Also, while doing the ios6 configs, try skipping the part where one has to sign in/ create an apple ID.

    I did the above and the OS has been working fine for me. Just shared it incase someone finds it useful....


    Thanks once again to folks in this community for helping me regarding this whole iOS situation.

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    I noticiced that there isn't any freeze after unlocking issue like there was in iOS 5. In iOS 5, it would do that if I had Bluetooth off, because the bluetooth daemon was crashing. (I looked this up and this one website gave me this idea and then I tested it) iOS 6 doesn't do this anymore. The 4 main issues that I see are: Safari crashes when zooming in on the iPhone 5 on the iPhone page on Apple's website. The Second issue is that autobrightness works partially (but I don't use autobrightness so I don't care that much). The 3rd issue is the App Store crashes sometimes when searching as well as viewing purchased items (the puchased items don't come up: it just crashes) The 4th issue is that Wifi Sync doesn't really work. Other than those issues, iOS 6 is a major improvement over iOS 5.

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    Hey everybody, I'd like to know what to choose: iOS 4 or 6?!

    I know iOS 5 is laggy since I experienced it too, but I never saw iOS 4, nor iOS 6, so what should I do?

    What I am mainly concerned about is performance, but if graphics can be afforded along side performance I won't be bothered.

    So could you please tell me what will installing iOS 4 make me miss, and what will I gain from installing iOS 6?!

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    The only way to downgrade from iOS 5 to 4 would be if you had previously saved your SHSH blobs for iOS 4. Since you have never experienced iOS 4, you won't be able to downgrade.

    Your only options are stick with 5.1.1 or upgrade to 6. I agree that iOS 5 was laggy on the iPod touch. iOS 6 is not perfect, but I think it's better than 5 (see previous posts).

    If I were you, I'd go for iOS 6. If you're nervous about the upgrade, wait until 6.0.1 is released. Apple will probably include a lot of bug fixes and performance improvements.

    Good luck!

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    iOS 6 on iPod touch 4G 64GB is a crashfest. Trust me, I've set this thing up now 3 times and iOS is set up correctly and there is nothing wrong with my iPod. I even took my iPod into the apple store at the request of apple technical support to have it replaced with a new one (and was told by the store after driving an hour they had none in stock) and they set up my iPod as new. Simple things like general use, music app or the unlock screen may feel snappier. I also figured this iOS 6 is good. But the more I use it the more and more problems I encounter. Safari always feels on the verge of crashing when zooming in and scrolling the screen. Then it does crash. To me, it feels like all the memory is used up for the iOS and not enough for apps. You can see this because when multitasking, iOS 6 closes all background apps and has to reload them when you go back. I could make a detailed list, and will try to later. Just my two cents. What do I know. But if another app crashes I may not have to care after throwing my iPod against the wall.


    Also, tested one of the new iPod Touch 4g on display at the apple store and it crashes exactly like mine. Crazy apple would recommend trading mine in like its broken when everything I was complaining about responds exactly the same way on floor model.


    Hopefully they get this all worked out in the next release soon.

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    Just tried to play Infinity Blade. Used to play fine in iOS 5. Crashed twice never getting into the first scene of the game. These are the kinds of performance gains I'm seeing with iOS 6.

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    Hi  @WDI,


    Yours is the first review we have here in this thread with iPod 64gigs (if i'm right). If what you're saying is true, then I guess apple is clearly promoting it's latest range of products with latest hardware. It just feels so bad...    :-(     If Steve Jobs was reading this thread, things for sure would have been different.


    But on an another note, can you just give the following a try once and post your experiences post doing it ?

    1. Turn off location services, iMessage, FaceTime (if they're on)

    2. Delete iCloud backup on iPod

    3. Reset Safari in the settings.

        Then ShutDown -> Restart your iPod touch.


    I'm not saying the above fixes anything, but atleast I've seen improvements on my Touch 4G- 32gb once I have done the above changes. Can you find some time and test it out if it works ? :-)


    Thanks a lot !