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X220 Nano Level 1 Level 1

I just got a new Lenovo X220 with XP on it.  When I plug in my 6th generation iPod Nano, which worked on my previous Lenovo T60 just fine, I get a blue error screen and I am told the errors are related to corrupt drivers.  Why is my iPod Nano triggering this error on my new computer?


- I have removed iTunes and then re-installed iTunes, trying to plub Nano in before and after re-installing and the same errors occur

- I have tried to find old drivers or software that would have been copied over from my old computer and cannot find any


The Nano still works fine on my old computer and other computers I have plugged it into, while none of those were Lenovo X220s


Any ideas?

iPod nano, Windows XP, Blue error screen related to driver