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I've just finished mixing a cd, and am supposed to getting 50 cds run off tomorrow (at cost as I'm sure you can imagine).


Wav files were bounced from logic in 24 bit. Work fine on itunes and mac. Right volume and sound great.


Burnt a cd in waveburner.


I don't have an independent cd player here to test it on, but I tested the cd on my mac, 1 playstation, and 1 car cd player and works perfectly. However, I tried it on ANOTHER car cd player, and it has major hiss and only plays very quietly with increasing amounts of hiss with each peak of the vocal. Theres nothing wrong with the car cd player as it plays other cds completely perfectly. This is completely baffling as it works fine on all other mediums! The thing that worries me most is the fact that it DOES play, just quieter, and with that immense hiss that increases with vocal peaks - have I screwed something up in the mixing?! Why does it play perfectly on the other car cd player?


I live with a sound guy, we've been playing around with options for the last hour, and this has us stumped. It was bounced at 24 bit, it dithered correctly at 16bit, theres no reason it shouldn't work in this car cd player, but it doesn't - and is exhibiting an obvious problem which worries me greatly. I don't want to get an entire run of cds done that then don't play on some mediums. I'm worried I am going to end up with a product people buy from me that then won't play. We don't understand why it works fine in the other car cd player and on all other mediums - at the correct volume with no hiss. Baffling. Also tried burning another copy using a different burner program - same problem - worked fine in other mediums, but not in that car.


Any help is greatly appreciated. I am supposed to be dropping in this cd to the dupilcation place tomorrow!


Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)