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Hiya Guys! I've been working on trying to get this school project done by using FCPX (a.k.a. Final Cut Pro) and of course FCPX is acting up on me . I just imported 5 HD videos from my friend's camera and whenever I try to play them, they all don't play! They have either a black or green screen instead! They are all under 5 min. long, so I see no problem why they are freezing! Sometimes I might get lucky and hear some of the audio from the video, but the video never plays. I tried to re-render all the videos to see if that helped. But nope, still got that stupid black/green screen..... I've looked up tutorials saying that I have to re-render or balance the color of the video, but nothing worked! I guess this is where my specs come... ALSO, ALL MY VIDEOS ARE .MP4's!!!! Just in case any of you need to know.


Model Name:          iMac

  Model Identifier:          iMac11,3

  Processor Name:          Intel Core i3

  Processor Speed:          3.2 GHz

  Number Of Processors:          1

  Total Number Of Cores:          2

  L2 Cache (per core):          256 KB

  L3 Cache:          4 MB

  Memory:          4 GB

  Processor Interconnect Speed:          5.86 GT/s


Someone please help! This is so frustrating especially when I've worked so hard on this video!


P.S. Can you try to be really clear when you replay? I don't know much about FCPX, so please explain in very simple terms/





Final Cut Pro X, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Give complete and exact information about your media. Open in the QuickTime player and post a screen shot of the movie inspector.

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    although X is capable of handling those videos nativelyu, you can really settle the issue by selecting OPTIMIZE video when you import the clips into FCPX - then they'll be converted to Apple ProRes and you should see a huge difference in playback.

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    You mean just open the video up in QuickTime Player and then send a screenshot of that? What exactly do you mean by movie inspector?

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    I just tried what you told me to do yet another... and it gave me the same problem. There was a black screen and it froze again.

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    Sometimes FCPX takes RAM and uses it and doesn't make it available until you re-boot - it may be possible that a re-boot will help you move along again.  This happens when you have a project open for an extended period of time.  It's worth trying.


    Tom is asking you to open one of your native clips in Quicktime (just go to the clip in finder and right-click on it and say open with: Quicktime.  When Quciktime opens, above where there is File Edit View etc. go to 'Window' and select "Show movie inspector" then write back to Tom what it says.

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    This is the first video---->First Video.png


    This is the second video--->Second Video.png


    Third Video!!--->Third Video.png


    Fourth Video!!---->Fourth Video.png


    Fifth Video!!!----->Fifth Video.png


    Sorry about the confusion earlier!

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    PikPiks - some of the challenge of helping is isolating the real issue - so if you don't mind being patient, it would be good to make sure we're on the right path.  So to see if the RAM thing is even an issue do this:


    Go to Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor (open that) and select the tab that says Memory - see what slice of the "pie" is green, available, and what slice is blue (not available).

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    Good job - well the files are all the same - 30fps and H.264 w/ 48k audio - so that's good they're not a mix, and I still (personally) recommend optimizing those file to be ProRes.  X will handle H.264 but you are not on the most powerful system.  X relies on your video card a lot too and so ProRes would help.  Would you like to give that idea a spin?

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    Okay thanks. I opened it up and here's what it said.


    Free: 2.92 GB

    Wired:369.3 MB

    Active: 581.6 MB

    Inactive: 149.9 MB


    Now this is without FCPX running, with FCPX running it's:


    Free: 2.54 GB

    Wired: 399.7 MB

    Active: 890.4 MB

    Inactive: 206.2 MB


    Hopefully this helps!

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    y'know - another possible issue I noticed is that you have these files all on your desktop it looks like - if your internal hard drive is 5400RPM versus a 7200 RPM disc, then there is another bottleneck because it might be a little sluggish for the iMac to work with Apple ProRes (they will be several times larger than the highly compressed H.264 files) - I feel like I'm giving you a lot of bad news.


    Stil try it - make the optimized files and lets just see how it goes once you've done that.

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    Yet another... Sure, I mean what can I lose? How do I optimize the files to be ProRes?

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    OK - so let's drop the RAM idea - it looks good (kinda odd that so much is available) I have 32GB of 1333MHz RAM on a 12-core and it uses it and ties it up over a period of time - but that's obviously another problem for another time...  glad you're not having that issue.

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    I do it upon capture but you can do it anytime according to many very knowledgeable guys like Tom Wolsky and more.  Let me look at one of my project files to see how easy it is - and in the meantime - maybe Tom will help too.

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    Yet another... I just imported it again and clicked the "create optimized video" box. Once it finished importing, I saw the image of the video , and then when I tried to play it, FCPX froze and I had to force quit out of it because it froze everything on my computer....

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