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I have become accustomed to having everything I need as far as my calendar, contacts and reminders everywhere I go and always up-to-date through the sub-miracle of iCloud.  However, believe it or not, my Apple ecosystem is incomplete.  How you ask?  Well, I've recently joined the GTD bandwagon and, in so doing, have found the task management capability of these apps - singly or combined - shall we say, fairly lacking.  I use Evernote and Dropbox to fill in some of the gaps, but to corral all this data and make it useable for my workflow I use an integrated task manager.  Which one is not relevant to the current discussion since the problem presented here is the same regardless (but for the record I'm currently experimenting with the beta of an app called IQTell). 


I want to link to my Calendar.  My calendar is subscribed to iCloud.  My AppleID associated with my iCloud account is NOT a username@me.com AppleID, but instead is user@yahoo.com. Yes, this complicates things further, but I'm unfortunately heavily invested in that ID at this point.  As such I have no iCloud sync of Notes.  Calendar/iCloud won't let me join calendars I attempt to share with/publish to myself (via an alternate email).  I can link Google calendars to this task manager, but not to my Apple Calendar, so that is not a viable workaround.  Both the Google environment and the Exchange/Outlook environment allow fairly open linking to outside entities, but iCloud has apparently effectively sealed my ecosystem into an Apple only affair and not sure I'm down for that anymore.  But I'm open to suggestions???

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)