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I am unfamiliar with Mac systems. Sorry. I am unable to do an erase and install of the Lion 10.7.

I also read something about the RAID system but once again, I feel completely uneducated in this area.

I received this MacBook Air new, and have had problems installing the system; also installing Avast or any Mac security software.

All the console reports appear that my computer is being run by someone else. Paranoid? No. Unfamiliar with Mac? yes.

I have read MAC books to familiarize myself. I would appreciate any help. I do not understand why Apple Remote Desktop is installed, and I cannot delete it.

I attempted to install LogMeIN but it will not load. The support staff at LogMeIn have "escalated" this issue to no avail.

Thanks to anyone, all who are willing to assist.....

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Potential huge virus