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Just downloaded newest version of aperture today. In the process of installing it asked for the library to use. First tried to use iPhoto lib, but didn't work- While loading the nice whirling beachball and the grey box  "aperture library öffnen" (open aperture library)  appeared and apperture was stuck. alright. relaunch trying to create a new aperture library. again the same. Aperture is stuck while creating its' own library.

Tried re-install. didn't work either.


So basically I paid 62€ for not even opening aperture once...


anybody an idea? my crash logfile is quite long. Didn't know if I should post it here..


thanx for help and advice guys!



p.s. did the aperture download because PS in CS4 had started to crash, too, and just works on another useaccount. So I wanted to check out, if aperture can give me enough to play a bit with pics...

MacBook Pro with Retina display, Mac OS X (10.7.4)