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I am using iMovie 11 and used to have a NAS that I've removed. Whenever I open iMovie, i get a prompt stating that the NAS server (name) no longer exists.  I thought I had moved all my project files to an external hard drive but I must have missed one.  I've tried deleting the com.apple.iMovieApp.plist file but this didn't stop the prompt.  The prompt happens every 5 seconds or so until I close iMovie. 


Is there a way to reassociate the missing file to my iMovie project?  When I clip on the "missing source clip" in the preview window, I cannot change the properties of the clip to reassociate it to the correct location.


I am running OS X lion v 10.7.4, iMovie 9.0.8.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), iphone 3GS 4.3.5 also tested
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    Yeah, this is quite late. Here's how I think you can do it. Run Show Package Contents on the .rcproject file. Find the file simply called "Project". Make a backup copy, and then open it with TextWrangler or similar program*. Search for the path in the file, fix it, and save. Try it in iMovie again. (The version I have is 9.0.4).


    * TextWrangler allows you to edit binary XML files, which is what Project is. I'm sure there are other programs that can do the same. This one is free.