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I am about to buy a new mac book pro and intend to transfer everything (data applications and settings) using the Migration Assistant application in OSX. Has anyone done the same recently and is there anything  i need to be aware of before I press the button? I am particularly wondering here whether certain software may only be licensed to run on a specific Mac account name. Grateful for any advice, and Rather hoping to hear somebody out there might have done the same with no problems.



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    Yes, I've just done this. Don't bother trying to do it with wifi though, it takes a long time ( I think it was 18 hours or so it was reading on mine ) and then it had trouble completing. Best way is to make a time machine backup on a seperate disk then restore from this to your new machine.


    My transfer went OK, I few teething problems with finding samples in my EXS24 library and all of my Native Instruments stuff neeeded re-registering on the new computer ( an easy task with the NI service centre software ) but other than that it was pretty painless.