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I signed my mom up for Netflix on a new Apple TV.  It seems the process does not generate an actual Netflix ID. 


In other words, when I signed up for my own Netflix account directly with Netflix, I established a Netflix useriD and password.  When I configured my Apple TV to use Netflix, I told it what my Netflix userid and password was, and it works.


For my Mom, I signed up for Netflix on the Apple TV (and it will apparently be billed to her CC by Apple, not Netflix).  At no time in the process was I asked to create a userid and password for Netflix.  So, when I download the Netflix app onto her iPad, there is no way for her to log into Netflix through that app.


So, it appears that if you sign up for Netflix on the Apple TV, you can't use Netflix anywhere else.... only on the Apple TV.


Am I missing something? 

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    This issue was resolved.  I learned a few days later that my mom had recieved an email from Netflix which was triggered by her signing up ofor it on her Apple TV.  She didn't tell me about the email, and she didn't follow the instructions in it.  Once we dealt with that, she can can now use Netflix on other devices.

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    Is there a way to get netflix/apple to send the email again?